Tuesday, 12 December 2017

End of 2017

2017 ending.

I've come to pick up some wise words which can be related to whatever happens in my life.
2017 is a long journey. Super duper long journey to begin with.
So many changes in life. So many hurdles to come pass.
So much to do with so little time.

~So everyone has ups and downs in their life right? So do I..

~I'm sure flaws is what makes human as human.

~Not all friends is actually a 'friend'

~People tend to believe what they want to believe

~It's hard to control everything

~Do not put your hope too high and expectation to big on 'human being'

~Never stop loving yourself

~Cherish every moment before its gone

~Sometimes, the one that is close to you is your lovely seoulmate, who knows?

~Words kills better than gun

~Do not spread false rumor just to make sure you look great and good

~Just because you're so senior in some places, doesn't mean you are always right

~Backstabbers are everywhere

~You only have yourself

~Modern family is a good stress reliever ( lol )

~2017 is a year when so many good looking people get married ( including me hahahah kfine )

~Positive need maintenance

~Cry if you feel sad


Singgang ikan the comfort food

Hey hey hey~

How is your day today. Haven't really write anything here for quite some times huh.
I missed writing in mokomira's blog. I kinda spend a bit more time in my malay language blog which is Mir Mira.... sorry for that.

So my topic this time is...


Okay everyone has their own comfort food. What is comfort food? It depends on how you define it. My comfort food is the one that can triggered my sense of food and make me forget about diet. LOL.... Although food always make me forget about diet in general .. XD


Singgang ikan is my types of comfort food. Like just cook plain white rice and eat it with singgang and some budu with lime. Just that, wallahhhhI forgot the diet thingee already. Dangerous comfort food I guess.

I remember back then when I was in Doha. In my friend house, she cooked singgang and I was like not having quite a desire to eat anything since my upcoming wedding are getting closer ( that time ) and yet she cooked it.

Not just singgang but with superlicious yummy budu with lime. Simple budu chopped onion and pressed some lime juice and wallahi delicious food ever! Just that and I eat over and over again ...sigh.

What a diet again.

Singgang ikan is famous dish from Pantai Timur area but I believe not only pantai timur people in Malaysia loves it. Am I right?

You can really make singgang from ikan tongkol, ikan kembung or even squid. Its yummy....and healthy even confinement period mother will choose singgang as their 'pantang food'.

So how about you? What is your comfort food?

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

It's all about Korea and snow

Annyeong people...

Hello hello hello.
Yesterday marked Seoul very first snow for this year. Cheotnun ( 첫눈 ). Some of my friend who were in Korea right Now, I envy you! Kak Lely, Wenie, Amanda... I envy you. Hukkk~

The beauty of snow is enchanting, exciting and intriguing

Just a throwback picture of Prof Zila

I remember the moment when I touched the falling snow from the sky. Oh my its wonderful. I seriously thought it was some sort of dust or something flying across the air. Until my friend Prof Zila scream snow! snow! And we were at Namdaemun Market that morning. What a heavenly moment to be remembered.

We're both so excited we ignored the rest of local people looking and judging but most of them just decided to ignore Zila and I. How funny.

She never stop posing... πŸ˜‚

We were screaming and jumping I even want to rolling on the floor but no worries I didn't even do it.

It was my first snowfall experience ever although yesterday I already went to Yongpyong Ski Resort and experienced so much snow. However it wasn't the one falling from the sky. But still, its thicker and cold because we went todragon peak using cable car and it was like freakin up high and even colder with the wind are even greater. I remember we're struggling and shaking our hand like crazy and so many pictures are failed to be taken due to excessive shake.

But still, its exciting. The view of Dragon Peak is beyond priceless. Moreover both of us went there when Goblin was still hot and newly aired. Such a perfect timing and guess what even Gongyoo poster was there. Awww...

Not much of a tourist this time in this area but plenty of guys and girls who playing the snow boarding and ski at the other side of this area.



From morning until late evening the snow kept coming and kept falling beautifully and in some area it turned out a bit heavy. Ahhhhh I am super duper excited and even giggling now while typing this entry. That's how big my ♥ toward snow. Lol

Even car covered with snow view making me go crazy...lol

I screamed seleji seleji like crazy maniac and my friend almost give up for super cold weather. Our finger froze and we barely even felt our hand. That's the coolest thing being in cold weather. Ahaha...and I love cold weather.

Ahhh the memory.
Ahhh how I missed it.
The smell of snow...
The beauty of snow...
The cold air due to snow...
The dangerous but still exciting black ice also because of snow...
The moment when it falls softly like a cute little flakes...aww

μΆ”μ›Œ 날씨 λ„ˆλ¬΄ μ’‹λ‹€ ♥

I missed Korea.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Trolls the movies

Hey... happy thursday

How are you guys anyway?Feeling good?
The channel.on y TV now are showing famous animation called Trolls.

Such a cute movie.

Its a movie about Bergens clan who eat the trolls clan in order to be happy. Like come on, the evil bergens witch are hinting tp their people by eating trolls they wi be happy everlasting. Such an excuses.

That's why trolls are always in a great danger when it comes to Bergens. They will eaten so they need to run. Only one bergens is nice. Okay if you haven't watch it you can do so....its worth it. I promise.

I so love Bridget character she is soooooo adorable. She was that nice bergens. Bridget kinda shows that good looks doesn't always good thing. Even if you are ugly, with kind heart you will be prettier than those already pretty face girls out there. Yeah... I put the word funnily.

At first when this movie aired and premiered at Cinema, I was very skeptical. Even tough I know back then when I was still so young, this was one of the most famous cartoon..The influence are big in Malaysia. As big as The Simpson.

Okay back to the point.

I first  watching this when Kak Nisa open this for Nukman. I was blatantly ignored and slowly diverting my eyes onto the screen and bam.... the sound of Poppy singing captured my ears.

No wonder. It was Anna Kendrix everybody. Who doesn't love Anna voice. It was soothing, very calming to my ear and I am fan of her voice ever since I saw her in Pitch Perfect.

Oh talking about Pitch Perfect. The third movies will be airing next month I am super excited. How can I not excited when this is my cup of tea types of movie. My jammed.

Lol see how I divert from talking about animation movie to hick flick movie but all is about Anna Kendrix.

Poppy.....she does have that Anna vibes.

Anna Kendrick... I love her.

The ost for Trolls are so good I am going to look forward on it. I kinda jammed to Justin Timberlake song after watching the movies. lol

So guys... thanks for reading. See ya ♥


Saturday, 4 November 2017

The story about me

Salam alayk to muslim who can answer this salam and hallo to everyone.

I know I haven't really introduce myself properly so here I am, ready to ramble mumble with introductory post. Ahah.

My name is Mira... Or Mokomira is my online name. Also know as Mir Mira but the basis is, its Mira  πŸ˜‚ .... I have a real long name so let's just go for Mira as it was also part of my name as stated on my identity card.

Yepp... malaysian of course so once in a while you will see my broken english mix up with 'rojak' slang and add on word such as lah, kan etc etc. πŸ‘©

I was born many many years ago and no longer in teenage era ( oh sad... ) But inside my heart I'm still a teenager. Lols. Having a not so memorable teenager doesn't make me want to stay at that era for long but who doesn't like being young stay young , immortality.

Let's skip my childhood era so I am a lady with huge ambition. Since I was young I always wanted to become a pilot, working in the sky rather than stay on the ground. Yes when I was a little child its an astranout that will be my number one choice but ever since I have clear vision, I toned it down a bit from outer space to just the sky. Still not on the ground 😌

It has then... Never chance until now. I want to become a pilot.

Some people journey are meant to be easy...
Some might facing hurdles. But thats life. Every single human will have a different journey. It's all Allah's job.

I was once worked with airlines, entering the right path of becoming a pilot. Trying many times the exams, failed many times...sometimes even had to endure the pain of unfair event. But I trust Allah plan so its fine.

When I am now no longer become part of airlines staff, there has been several friends said to me, how about your pilot journey?
My answer is... My ambition is to become a pilot, not to join that particular airlines company. I can still become a pilot with other airlines. Who knows it might be better.

Currently, the road has been reshuffle. I was lost in an outer space again. Fear not, nevermind. I still keep holding on to my own inner strength.

Give up? Nope.
Not ever going to give up . Do not worry.

I'm a fighter.
A pilot fighter πŸ’ƒ

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Some korean word and slang pt.2

Hi everyone. Hello ;)

This is second part of my entry for basic korean word and slang. I just thought of sharing.

So let's continue.

Jeongmal ( 정말 )
= Is it true?
Usually it is use in a quite formal or semi formal sentences. Adding 'yo' making it sound even more polite. Jeongmalyo?

Jinjja ( μ§„μ§œ )
= Really? Seriously?
This one often be heard inside kdrama and among teenager. They will said this with exaggerrate expression and it looks xue. Jinjja? Jinjja.... ah jinjja.  I myself always said this.

Neomu ( λ„ˆλ¬΄ )
= Very ...
Sometimes people said this and sometimes using jinjja. Even Kpop group I.O.I sang a song called 'very very very' / neomu neomu neomu.  Basic word and often used in every sentence.

mianhae ( λ―Έμ•ˆν•΄ )
= Sorry.

Jigeum ( μ§€κΈˆ )
= Now.
Ahaaaaa....I remember myself munble this word over and over again everytime my friend ask me if we need to go anywhere, do anything at that time. Jigeum? Jigeumyo.

Naeil ( 내일 )
= Tomorrow.

Uri ( 우리 )
= We .

Dasi ( λ‹€μ‹œ )
= Again.
If you love to listen to Kpop song, you will be familiar with this. Dasi... Dasi hanbeon.

Ppalli ( 빨리 )
= Hurry up!
Ahaa... Ppalli ppalli...shout this while running when a dog chase you but make sure you are at the front.

Kajima ( κ°€μ§€λ§ˆ )
= Now scream this to the one who run faster leaving you behind when a dog chase you ( refer upper sentence )

Jangnan aniya ( μž₯λ‚œ μ•„λ‹ˆμ•Ό )
= Don't joke around! Now return the scream by saying this. Lol. Now I'm starting to make this turn out into sentence. Ahahaha.

Okay this will be second part and short one. Sorrryy....I try to do longer and more in third part later on.